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What To-Do List After Installing WordPress

Confused ?What had To-Do After Installing WordPress? Whenever I do a new installation of WordPress, whether it’s for a client or a demo I am setting up, I take some specific steps almost immediately after the install is done. Depending on how you do your install, some of these may not appear, but always worth a quick check. Here they are:

1. Delete Hello World post.

2. Delete Sample Page.

3. Go to General Settings and:

  • Fill in Site Title and Tagline
  • Make sure Anyone can register is unchecked
  • Make sure that the email on that page is current and accessible
  • Set time zone

4. Go to Settings > Reading and check discourage search engine from indexing this site. (Likely you are still building your site and you don’t want it indexed yet. Just be sure to make a note to turn it on when you go live, because that little bugger works pretty darn good.)

5. Go to Posts > Category and rename Uncategorized. Rename it to a category you think you will be using, keeping in mind that you can always change it before you go live.)

6. Review the plugins that were added to your install. Some hosts will install plugins you don’t need. If you see something there that you aren’t going to use, delete it. You can always reinstall it later if you change your mind.

7. Same with Themes. I typically only keep the theme I’m using and the latest default WordPress theme as a backup in case my current theme goes wonky on me.

8. Go to Settings >Discussion and turn off comments. (You can turn them back on when you go live.)

9. Set your Settings > Permalink. It doesn’t have to be something you do right away, but for me, it helps me not to forget it when I go live.

I’m sure you have your own must-do list when you install WordPress. Did I miss something?

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