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Top 5 Blogging Myths that You should to Know

If you are in blogging or want to start a blog then Read these Blogging Myths that helps you to understand the reality in blogging.

Myth #1. Blogging is a Cup of Cake

When I start blogging one common thing in my mind was, Blogging is very easy. It’s easy to create great blog posts that readers like and share. But it is not when you have no experience about articles writing. In blogging you must know graphic designing for creating post images, should be enough proficient in English, Technical knowledge How-Now, etc.

Blogging is a Cup of Cake when you have a passion for learning new things. Otherwise, it’s a tough job to manage a blog individually, and chances are you will leave it soon.

Myth #2. Blog Posts Only Take a Few Minutes

That can be the case for some articles; however, the majority of posts requires a lot of time. There is research, supporting data, then finding perfect pictures and making it SEO friendly involved. It takes a time to proofread the paragraphs and typing mistakes.

It requires a lot of effort for correcting your mistake in your writing. But as they all say it, practice makes you better and more natural.

Myth #3.Advertisement is Best Way to Make Money via Blog

Newbie bloggers often think ads are the best way to earn money, But the reality is there are number of ways for making money via blogs. Affiliate marketing is the best choice of generating meaningful revenue. You can publish sponsored posts and product reviews for extra bucks.

So, don’t ever rely on one revenue generating way, use advertisements and affiliate marketing together for best results. I still remember when I start blogging, Google Adsense was the only way of making money in my mind

Myth #4. Too many plugins can ruin a blog

This one is tricky, because on the one hand it is true. But did you know that it only takes ONE plugin to ruin a blog? That’s right. One line of misplaced code and your whole blog will break. Be very careful about the plugins you install. Even if someone raves about it, you don’t know how it’s going to interact with YOUR theme and the other plugins you have already installed. And guess what? Even if the plugin gave you no trouble for months, it can all of a sudden not work with your theme or WordPress (especially if there is an update).

Myth #5.  It’s So Easy.

If creating a successful blog were easy, every blogger would be independently wealthy from their blogs. In reality, you need to build up your blog traffic before advertisers will pay to place their ads on your blog. It takes even longer to land big advertisers with big ad budgets. First, you need a well-trafficked blog with a proven audience that advertisers want to connect with. If you don’t have traffic and statistics about who is reading your blog, you won’t make much money from your blog.

and I want to add one more in this article.

Your posts should never be more than 500 words. 

False, false, false! Though most people flaunt that readers’ attention span won’t hold past 500 words, lots of publishers have actually seen an up-tick in interest in long-form content, even on mobile. Bonus: having in-depth articles on your blog can actually boost your search engine rankings. Instead of worrying about your word count, focus on being valuable to your readers in whatever length you need to properly cover a blog post topic.

Hard Work Delivers Blogging Success

The key to blogging success is hard work, dedication, and sometimes, a bit of luck. Start your blog with big goals but realistic expectations, and you’ll have a much better chance of success.

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