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Interview with Nirmala Santhakumar From MyMagicFundas

After a long time I have started interview session again Category and today I have Nirmala Santhakumar from MyMagicFundas, a blog about blogging, technology, online money making etc. I am thankful to Nirmala Madam to share her blogging journey with us.

So, let’s start..

1) First of all I would like to thank you for accepting my interview proposal. It is our pleasure to have you on Tech Crax. Please tell us something about yourself and your blog?

Hi everyone, I am  Nirmala, a part-time blogger. I have been blogging since 2009. I am a friendly person who hates to sit idle and have interest to help others.  Writing is my favorite hobby and I like to write about technical stuffs. I completed my B.E in 2002 and got married in the same year. Due to some personal constraints, I was nudged to choose the work from home option and found some reliable sources of making money by using my writing skill. Through an internet marketer, I came to know about blogging. I started to blog in familiar niches like health, beauty & online money making and monetized them with Google AdSense. Due to Google algorithms my BlogSpot blogs were badly hit and my earnings got diminished. So I decided to learn about some fundamental blogging materials and hence connected with many bloggers through Facebook. After I gained some knowledge, I founded MyMagicFundas last year with the help of my inspiring blogger, Atish Ranjan.

2.How did you come into blogosphere and from when you are in blogging?

Due to some personal reasons, I had refused some offers from IT concerns that came my way and decided to work from home. When I was in search of online jobs, a great internet marketer showed a way to make money with writing. He helped me to create blogs on blogspot platform and advised me to write on my preferred topics.

For few years, I was blogging about online money making, health and beauty in three different blogs and made some bucks with Adsense. But those blogs are badly hit by Google animals as there were no social cues for them. I tried to make money with Fiverr, Mturk and some freelance writing sites, but the returns were not up to the mark.

Then, I got connected with a tech blogger in Facebook and added some bloggers to learn imperative blogging things. There I met a passionate, talented guy, Atish Ranjan, founder of and I got inspired to blogging in a self-hosted domain through him. I would say that my talents got stimulated by him and he helped me to found Mymagicfunds.


There are many ways to earn from blogging!

  1. Offering the service (SEO, theme customization, blog consultation, Blogspot to WordPress migration, writing and much more).
  2. Selling the products
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Adsense
  5. Sponsored blog content
  6. Direct Advertisement

As of now, I have Adsense ads to monetize my blog. I do blog consultation for few newbie and also offering my writing service for some clients.



(The Post will be updated soon)

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