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How to Build a Micro-Niche Site and Earn Money

If you’re New in Blogging and trying to get best niche site ideas and figuring out how to build a niche site to make money, this guide can be really helpful to you cause I’m breaking down the step-by-step process of researching for money making niche to drive stable, recurring, and good profit.

The Complete Blueprint to Building a Niche

We all know, a Website or a Blog can be categorized in Many ways. The different Category of a bLog provide the different type of Information, Contents, Videos and Other stuffs.It can be A Niche site, Niche-less site, Micro-niche site and so on.

In this Tech world Building an authoritative niche site requires time, patience and lots of dedication. Whereas, building a Micro-niche site, requires a perfect strategy, planning and your expertise. Specially, after Google Algorithm changes, niche sites are performing really well. If you are one of those quality bloggers or internet marketer, you can always build a quality micro-niche Website, and earn a huge chunk of money from Advertising or other monetization techniques.

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Website that Makes Money

Both Niche site, Micro-Niche site Used all over the world to make money from different methods and via digital affiliate marketing.

What is a Micro-Niche Site?

A Micro-niche site is a site that is related to a particular topic or Content Provided realted to a Single Category.It is focused on a Single based micro topic or you can say a subtopic of the main topic.


1) Micro sites are focused on a particular topic, audience be more niche-focused.

2) Niche-focused audiences convert more.

3) Affiliate sales on micro niche sites be easy due to higher conversion rate.

Building a Profitable Micro Niche Site:

If you launch a Micro-niche site or Blog with proper strategy & research, then you can make more money in a less time.A micro niche website gets good quality targeted traffic than an authority site.

Why start a micro-niche blog?

A niche website now ranks higher in search engines than others related to different category like Both Movies and Mp3 Songs site in 1 blog.  If you create a high-quality website on any particular topic, your chances of ranking higher is stronger than any existing authority website out there. Plus, you won’t have to worry day and night about an evergreen blog. Once you’ve done the hard work to create a niche site, the next step is to wait for the money to be deposited into your account.

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How to Get Best Idea and Build a Niche Site?

While building a niche site, there’s 3 aspect to follow –

1) The potential of the niche: Whether the niche is an informational niche or ready to wallet out niche. For example, if the micro niche site is of dating niche then people won’t mind spending few cash on DVD’s however if you are creating an educational niche chances are that you would get good visitors however conversions not much.

2) The advertisers: If you’re choosing a niche, say “Building muscle”, then there’s a lot of advertisers in this niche however if you are choosing a niche with no advertisers or not much paid products then would be a waste.

3) The competition: Micro-sites usually do have medium competitions if you’re smart at choosing a good niche however don’t get stuck on niche that is hugely competitive for example – attorneys, law, loans, etc. 

Important points To keep in Your Mind

  1. The Right Keyword for Domain Name
  2. Primary Keyword of Your Blog/Website
  3. Niche Website Content Strategy
  4. Monetizing the Niche Website
  5. Google Ranking of your Niche website

If you have any questions or if you have tips to add, I would love to hear from you.

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