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Earn with ebay is possible for everyone Guide

One of the ways that you can earn money online is to sell on eBay. Make money eBay you can and with a little ‘sacrifice can become a real source of income priority.

The first questions typical of those who want to sell online starting right from eBay are:

1.How to Earn with ebay really?

2.What to sell on eBay?

3.Sell items used or new?

4.Online auctions or buy it now?

5.Why open a store?
Ebay listing

01. How to make money with ebay really?

Earn money on ebay is a real thing and it is possible for everyone, even for those who have never sold online. First you have to choose what to sell on eBay, for example, you could get rid of unnecessary items that Giacomo for years in your cellar or design a plan to achieve real gains.

In short, everything depends on what you sell … A jeans you used to sell 10 euro with expenses of shipment including. A new T-shirt labeled Could you sell it even at 15 Euros. It is also true that the value of objects increases if they are branded.

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To make money with ebay really it takes account of the goods for resale. Stop. Oh no, even a bit ‘of good will … The products do not sell themselves, you have to follow the rules to sell on ebay, including:

  • Create an auction during the hours when there could be multiple users ( users = + + visibility )
  • Check the price of the item that the other vendors
  • Think like a buyer . When shopping on the internet, what would you? Free shipping? Discounted prices?

02. What to sell on eBay?

We assume that on eBay you can sell just about anything, from food to clothing, from video games to furniture, and so on.

Want to start selling something? Begin to open your wardrobe! You have jeans that you are no more? Do not expect to lose weight, create an auction and sell them to the highest bidder.

When I first started selling on eBay, could not believe it, people buy just about anything, I speak mainly of used items: T-shirts, pants, bags, brassieres, coats, shoes, everything used.

This is a start, but honestly the sale of used clothes is slow and not very profitable, but is fine for those who have too many claims and are content to earn a few Euros per month and in addition can also do a bit ‘of space in your home.

Instead, the speech varies for those who want to buy the only source of income. In summary, if you want to get as much money you have to bet on something that you can ensure the steady sales, this is the only thing that matters. Then you can choose to:

1.Sell many items at a low price;

2.Sell a few items at a high price;

3.Sell many items at high prices.

To give you a clear example, in recent years among the top selling ever (at a very low price) are the cover for the smartphone, iPhone 4.5 or better if Samsung S3 / S4. In this case, the competition is fierce, many Chinese vendors ship directly from China and make you only pay one euro. Of course, then the package will arrive home after a month, but that’s another story. And here you come in. Do you also have plans to sell cover, you may have an advantage: sell the cover at low prices and ensure speedy delivery of 3-5 days because send Italy.

03. Items sell used or new?

For new objects, mean objects that have never been used in most of the cases are sealed (in the case of DVDs), with a label (in the case of clothing), etc … while for objects used identify ancient objects as antiques, or articles already used as clothes, shoes, and accessories.

To try and figure out how to move the platform, I started to sell used items. I moved so:

  • I opened the auction, setting a price;
  • I waited a few days to observe the movements of my listings: number of visits, number of observers and number of offers;
  • I’ve sent and received offers of objects;
  • I relisted the most objects not sold, by lowering their price.

For months I tried what to sell seriously, I looked the other sellers, I compared their feedback, I followed their sales and I wondered if I could sell the same things, and above all how to sell more of them. I decided to sell new items, researched and utility.

04. Online Auction or buy it now?

Two methods are very effective if used in the right way can bring you great satisfaction and that if used incorrectly not make you sell.

The auction was clear to see. The seller offers to auction an object from a previously fixed price. In the case of eBay, the online auction can last 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 days.Bidders make the offers and the best deals, generated at the close of the auction wins. It is specifically indicated for the things used in general and for individual objects.

Instead, the Buy It Now lets, first of all, do not wait for your customer and then do you immediately buy and pay, then gives you the option to sell different quantities of the individual product. The Buy it now is recommended for those who want to sell more objects of the same type, without creating more of an ad with the same item. With this method, you can choose the length insertion of up to 30 days or may not be due in the event of a store.

05. Why open a store?

Open an eBay store is critical to building a real business. Having an online store means to secure a showcase in the world, where everyone can join in the departments (virtually called “categories”), put items in the cart and pay conveniently from home via Paypal and credit cards. The client need is to order the item and pay in advance.You “seller”, instead, pack the item and send it with the money that the client will have already anticipated. The only relationship that you have with the buyer is the exchange of emails and feedback.

Watch how to open an ebay shop

I list the reasons why you absolutely must open a store on eBay:

  1. It manages all eBay automatically, so you do not have to worry about hosting and possible technical problems of e-commerce;
  2. Millions of buyers from all over the world, so much more likely to sell on eBay on e-commerce personnel;

As I explained in this guide, you can make money with eBay for all. The monthly profit will change based on your goals, your skills, and above all the will to put in:

  • do market research to find out what products they need people;
  • beat the competition fairly selling at the best price, ensuring a unique experience to your customers;

Anyone can open an eBay store, from a private to a professional. On eBay, you can open three types of shop: basic, premium and premium plus. For non-professional sellers (no VAT) you can subscribe to only store basis which costs EUR 19.95 per month and for the first 3 months free.

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