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[Checklist] 11 Things To Do Before Launching a WordPress Site

Are you ready to launch your WordPress site? Each day thousands of new sites appear on the web. That’s why you want to make sure that your website stands out and shines from the very beginning. In this article, we have prepared a handy checklist of things you should do before launching a WordPress website.

Getting Started

Before you start, it’s Important that you have selected the right web hosting for your project.

While most sites are fine with basic WordPress hosting, in some cases you may need a managed WordPress hosting.

We highly recommend that you read both of the guides above to make sure that you’ve picked the best solution because it’s one of these things that we cannot stress enough about.

1. Choose the Right Domain

Yes, Domain is your Online personality and if you do not choose the domain wisely then it will effect your Online Career and will Cause Problem in Your Online Business.So be Sure to Choose Short, Rememberable and related to niche. You can Check out the post How to select a Good domain for your business and top 5 domain registrar to register for new domain.

2. Choose the Right Web Host

After the domain, Choosing Hosting for Your wordpress important. WordPress needs more ram and CPU usage so Choose the hosting wisely.If you are confused about the best WordPress hosting you can see it here Top 3 Shared Hosting for New Blog.

3.Selecting the right niche

It is important for you which type of content you love most and have knowledge about that. Interest is important if you want to be a successful blogger.So select the niche wisely. This will help you in future as you will not face any problem if someone ask questions from you.

4.Choose the Fast Internet Connection

It’s funny to see here but this is also important as wordpress Dashboard Load slow than other autoindex so be sure to pick the right internet Plan for your Business. A Broadband with 1MBPS will fine.If you are Only updating SITE posts and Checking the errors or Surfing the Net.

5. Choose the right Browser for your editing

Editing is fun and Sometime its irritating when accidently Your Browser Freezed, Closed or Not responding. What to do? Choosing Right Browser Save your time and Helps you to manage the online things easily. I recommend You to Use COMODO Dragon and the 2nd Uc Brower for Pc.

6.Download the WordPress Mobile App

It will be helpful for you if you are with friends or in meetings and you have to Publish the Post so why to wait download the WordPress app for your android.

7.Notepad for Checklist

The most important thing in blogging is to remember the points on a selected topic and most of us are have the problem that we cannot remember these things completely.This is why we should to Use Notepad for Pc and EverNote for Android.Pretty Good na?? 🙂

8.Professional Email address for your Business

If you want to be a Professional Blogger then you should to avoid using the common email as a contact email address like [email protected], [email protected] Create a personal, Branded email or Business email for your Blog or for your Business like [email protected] [email protected], [email protected] etc. If you wonder  how you can create professional email for your Business check it here.How to create a Business email for your Brand.

9.ASK for Help

If you know some1 who run their blog, show him the ideas that you want to work on your domain.If you are new in blogging, You can ask for help in various forums and you can mail me [email protected] for instant support 🙂

10.Don’t forgot to Giving Reward

A relationship is important, No matter it is in between as a user or admin, If someone helped you Give a Thanks. This will increase the internal power of a human being. Your One Thanks makes someone proud no matter the problem was small or Big, In future you can face some problems so better to keep the relationship strong with peoples.

and the last one.

11.Sharing is Caring.

Yes, sharing is caring so If you love any article, Post, Video then share it with your friends and families. This will help if someone are really looking for what you have shared.

And Now, Go and Launch Your Website

Having worked through this checklist, you have touched each and every significant detail. Now there shouldn’t be anything in the way to success with your WordPress-based website. Get it on!

If you Liked this Post don’t forgot to remember the 11th Point. 🙂

I will love to see your reply.

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